The Precious Drop!

It is a problem of water,

Day by day it’s becoming shorter.

For what purpose we fight , 

we discriminate, 

If there is no use of that water 

which is unlimited.

There is scarcity of water but 

people makes it scantity by saying it’s pure

If you mean it are you sure ?

There are some motto’s 

which is made for preserving H2O 

If there will be no rain ,

there will be no grain .

This is how the living being chain will break 

then you will not able to say “It’s your mistake ” 

There will be drought ,

and you will become distraught .

This is how there will be no water ,

day by day it’s becoming shorter .

In this country for water ,

we supposed to pay .

If we are thirsty and,

 we don’t have rupee ,

than how can we stay.

One day we will definitely awake,

from sleep.

The sleep will be ,

fulfil but we will not able

to see the water in the lake.

One day we will definitely realize,

that there is no water on land.

Which we were seeing till today,

It is nothing but a sand,.

This is how one day,

the water will become a brand,

One day the water will also be in great demand.

This is how you have observe it ,

So it’s my respect to preserve it,

Because in future the new generation

Deserve it….!

~ vibhavari


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